City Wide Rummage Sales
Spring and Fall
Held each year in May and August   New London, WI

The Chamber Board of Directors is thrilled with the growth of the annual City Wide Rummage Sale over the years.  The event is a definite boost to the local economy and in an effort to see that continue and to see the event grow, the Buyers' Guide started handling all the details of this event.  This includes the promotion of the event to potential sellers, collection of the advertisements from participating sellers and advertising of the sales to potential shoppers.  The nature of their business has allowed them to do an outstanding job of meeting the needs of everyone involved.  Click here to get your Rummage Sale ad in the paper. 

The dates for the 2017 City Wide Rummage sales are:

          Spring         Saturday, May 6th    
         Fall             Saturday, August 19th     Click here for Sale Ads

Hundreds of residents participate each year with the sales starting at 8 a.m., unless their individual advertisement states different hours. 

All registered rummage sales appear in the edition of the Buyers' Guide that is published the Monday before the Saturday of the sale.
  Each week the current edition of the Buyers' Guide is available online at or hard copy editions are available at area grocery stores, both Kwik Trip locations, the New London Travel Plaza and the Chamber office. 

For information on the web posting of the edition or for additional questions or concerns please feel free to contact the Buyers' Guide at (920) 982-2511.

Come early, shop all day and take time to grab a bite to eat at one of our many fine restaurants.

For more information call (920) 982-5822